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Hermann Junges notes:

April 1st, 1864.

When skimming through some old scrolls from the dig at Alexadria yesterday, I made an amazing discovery. It was a tale of the ancient gods of Egypt, and artefacts of incredible power that were given to the Pharaos to rule in power with. One of these were the mask of Anubis. Him being the god of the afterlife – could you cheat death with it? Just think…

December 25th, 1868.

Reading, reading, reading. I have been posessed with learning more about the mask ever since I first read about it. In the last few years I have learned a great deal about it. For instance it seems the mask has a simple yet elegant face of a jackal. The mask is apparently made out of leather, which is impossible to imagine, how would it survive the ages? There are even stories of the mask being in constant decay without withering – again, how is that possible?

I have finally found a gentleman ready to sponsor my search for the mask. An eccentric englishman with a great interest in ancient history. He sponsors my expeditions and request nothing in return more than to see the mask when I find it! Like all brits, he has a rather pale skin tone – more than most come to think of it.

June 3rd, 1869.

The mask seems to have had several owners over the years, but they have all fallen prey to its thirst for flesh. Accounts tell of the bearer rotting from the inside only to break open like a worm-eaten apple. But, in the brief period they have owned the mask they have caused severe havoc on their surroundings. Could in fact some of Anubis’ powers remain in the mask?

I reported my literary findings and lack of physical findings in Italy to the Master, who have tripled my allowance for the upcoming digs.

May 14th, 1871.

None of the sites I have so far searched show any trace of the mask, apart from the roting flesh and destruction of course. Alexandria, Venetia and Lyon were all dead ends. The remaining two owners are my last hope – literally. The Master threatens to cut of my supply of blood if I can’t find the mask.

Leaving in two weeks for what is thought to be the town of Troy, after that we leave for Pest. I prey to all Gods for success…

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